Welcome to 'Choose NPS Teachers!'

Welcome to 'Choose NPS Teachers!' We want to ensure every teacher has the materials for success in their classroom. Now you can make that happen with 'Choose NPS Teachers!' And your donation is tax deductible. Simply follow these steps:

1) Purchase the items listed below for the teacher(s) you'd like to help;
2) You or your child can deliver the items to the teacher or you can arrange for delivery by calling or emailing the Foundation;
3) Email or mail the Foundation a copy of the receipt for the items purchased along with your name and mailing address;
4) The Foundation will send you a letter acknowledging the value of the donation as tax deductible.

Foundation Mailing Address:
NPS Education Foundation
90 Town Street
Norwich, CT 06360

Foundation Phone: (860) 367-1812

Foundation Email: NPSEducationFoundation@gmail.com